Location - Thalero Studios in Lefkada Island, Ligia


Thalero Holidays Center is in Ligia which is just 5 kilometers from the city of Leukada and about 12 kilometers from the tourist resort of Nidri. Ligia is a small village with many fishers. There is a port in its center with many taverns, restaurants and beaches along the coast line. It’s an ideal place for those who seek a relaxing and quiet environment. And if they are in a night mood the city is just ten minutes away.

Lefkada Beaches

First of all, in Thalero Holidays Center you will find a nice and big outdoor pool. But still Leykada has many beautiful beaches and you will be tempted to visit them.

How to come

Lefkada is a “mainland island”. That has road links to the rest of the country through a floating bridge 50 meters to connect it to the mainland.